Curious to hear about other participants’ experiences?

Here they are below sharing about The Shift Retreats!

Before going to the shift retreat i was working 70 hours a week and missing out on my life. One of the biggest changes now is that i sold my company and decided to switch my career completely by being true to myself. I am now on track to help empower women to build their dreams and businesses.
— Brandy
My kids, their kids and generations to come will live better lives because I was here.
— Michele
As a midwife, I birth babies and help souls come into the world on a regular basis, but this was a true rebirth for ME.
— Tiffany
I woke up on the morning of the last day of the shift and I felt cleansed, like light was emitting out of me. I am so excited to go tell everybody how happy I am. I am so much lighter, and I have realized that I deserve to wake up with a smile on my face every single morning.
— Tiffany
Before going to the shift retreat I was living my life in fear. I had PTSD type symptoms, chronic illness, and cancer.  I knew something was wrong and that I would die if I didn’t make a change in a huge way.  I was seeing all kinds of doctors, energy healers, acupuncture, hypnotherapy...But it wasn’t enough.  I had to dig deeper inside myself but I didn’t have the tools. Now I live in a place of love not fear.  And I will be forever grateful to Brandilyn and her staff for lovingly showing me the way!
— Sherri