Who is this right for?

This retreat is perfect for anyone who identifies as a powerful and heart-centered creative woman.

Any age above eighteen are welcome to attend the three day event.  

Most of our past workshop attendees are between the ages of 21 and 71.

Everyone from college students to busy professionals, to holistic healers and teachers, and everything in between are all welcome to attend this extraordinary group retreat.

Each retreat is created with the present attendees in mind, and things can be switched to speak to what you most need to hear.

Anyone who has an interest in the following are a good fit.

  • Self-development and introspection

  • Yoga

  • Healthy food prepared fresh on-site

  • Creating lifelong bonds with other amazing, creative women

  • A beautiful cozy home

This retreat is a success plan that has been specifically tailored to help you breakthrough your blocks and become the amazing woman that you’ve always wanted to be!

The team behind this retreat have reached thousands with their psychological, spiritual, and heart-based teachings and strategies.  You will learn several systems that can help you to tackle even your toughest issues.

When you think about where you’re stuck in your life it probably comes down to a few key areas.  

“I feel fulfilled. Like I feel lighter. It’s kind of intense because it’s a little bit unbelievable that that can happen in just a few short days. But I feel like it’s definitely happened.” 
— Naz


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