1-Day healing mini-retreat


This co-ed offering is for everyone - whether you are a Shift graduate who has attended a weekend long retreat and are looking for a tune-up, or if you’re new to the Shift world and want to have an immersive one-day experience. We will utilize powerful personalized coaching and group processing, breath-work, kundalini yoga & mantra, cacao ceremony, inner child work, mirror work, creative therapy, holistic healing techniques and guided meditations (no previous experience in any of these techniques is necessary).

Choose yourself. Choose to forgive, make powerful requests, step into your greatness, shift into your heart space, trust yourself, speak your truth, and develop your intuition + connection with yourself.

Now it is time to step into being 100% responsible for the change you wish to see in the world, for empowering others to be who you know they can be, for creating stronger relationships than you ever thought possible and for loving yourself more fully and completely than you ever thought you deserved.



  • Elite coaching by bestselling author, motivational speaker and acclaimed transformational coach, Brandilyn Tebo

  • Kundalini yoga and breath work taught by beloved yoga teacher and meditation coach, Kris Van Genderen

  • A cacao ceremony (option to drink tea)

  • Meditation and mantra

  • Deep, authentic connection exercises, potentially leading to lifelong friendships with amazing people

  • Coaching around standing in and being seen in your power

  • song and dance

  • inner child and mirror work

  • plant based snacks

  • By the end of the day, you will be clear about the change that you are for the world, your greater sense of service, and you will have the option of being filmed for a one minute video speaking your purpose into existence.


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November 17, 2019 12-6 pm PST | Venice, CA

Price starts at $111 for a single ticket, or $88 each when you purchase 2 or more!

*If you have questions, please feel free to complete an application. A member of our outreach staff will contact you for a free consultation to help determine if this is right for you!

1-Day Shift Experience: Venice
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