men’s Weekend Retreats

The Shift is a transformative, immersive weekend experience for those who are ready and willing to heal, connect and see new possibilities for themselves and the world.



Backed by popular demand, we are hosting a Shift for men!

After successfully leading hundreds of women through The Shift, we have decided to host a men's-only retreat so that men have the same opportunity to experience this groundbreaking curriculum.

THE SHIFT IS A TRANSFORMATIVE, IMMERSIVE WEEKEND EXPERIENCE.... carve out a deeper connection to yourself and other men.

...let go of any preconceived notions of what masculinity should be, experience conscious brotherhood and connect to the healing power of the feminine.

....explore various techniques and tools to connect with the wisdom of your hearts, to better understand your desires, purpose and commitments. the freedom of expressing both strength and vulnerability in a space of non judgement.

...release limiting beliefs of how you can or have been allowed to be as men. 

At each Shift weekend, a small group comes together with the intention of diving deeply into themselves to examine more clearly what's going on in their lives, connect to each other and eradicate internal barriers so they can live in their fullest potential and better serve the world.

It is a weekend to process emotional blockages, heal and forgive the past, release insecurities, uncertainty, shame, guilt, judgement and resentment, overcome indecision, practice true vulnerability, connect to your inner child, transform your relationships and create an inspiring future.

It is a weekend to form lifelong friendships.

It is a weekend to remember who you really are.

It is a weekend to become the change you wish to see in the world.

We work with every participant individually in a group setting. Over the course of the weekend, each participant will experience mindset shifts, breakthroughs in perspective, physical releases of stagnant energy in the body and will gain a new, more empowering view of what is possible for his life.

To facilitate this transformation, we utilize cognitive coaching, breath-work, kundalini yoga, herbal medicine, inner child work, mirror work, creative therapy, holistic healing techniques and guided meditations (no previous experience in any of these techniques is necessary).

It is a weekend for any male-identified person who is ready to step into his greatness, ready to release whatever is suppressing his fullest expression and ready to take a good hard look at what is possible for him and his world.




6am:  mantra meditation to help you break down block

7am:  heart opening kundalini yoga

8am: breakfast // get ready for the day

9am:  circle up: “guide to undoing struggle” workbook

12:30pm: silent lunch with "thank you darkness" letter writing

1:15pm: review assignment

1:30pm:  inner child meditation // mirror work // connection/vulnerability exercises 

5pm:  cacao ceremony

8pm:  social dinner break

9pm:  song circle // healing meditation //integration // bed time tea





  • avocado toast with add-ons

  • almond butter and banana toast

  • coconut yoghurt oatmeal with toppings

  • coffee, tea

lunch – mediterranean

  • herbed cauliflower tabbouleh

  • quinoa salad with sundried tomatoes,

    balsamic, tomatoes, olives, arugula

  • hummus, pita, veggies

  • cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes

dinner – build your own tacos or burrito bowl

  • sweet potato black bean filling

  • spiced spanish style brown rice

  • corn and brown rice tortillas

  • roasted corn, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers

  • cashew nacho cheese sauce

  • gucamole, salsa, hot sauce

  • mixed greens



Big Bear food.jpg


Boulder, CO.JPG



What’s Included?

  • Lodging in beautiful accommodations

  • chef-prepared meals for the duration of your stay

  • elite coaching

  • A cacao ceremony (option to drink tea)

  • Deep connection/vulnerability exercises

  • Daily Kundalini yoga

  • Breath work

  • Inner child work and mirror work

  • Guided meditation

  • Deep, authentic connection and lifelong friendships with amazing men


upcoming dates and locations


January 17th - 19th, 2020 | Ojai, CA

We are hosting our only men’s retreat for 2020 in a beautiful home in Ojai, CA. Ojai is known for its majestic mountain views, abundant plant-life, and is conveniently located just 1.5 hours north of Los Angeles. Limited to only 10 men.

Price starts at $1,111 for this all-inclusive event. We offer group discounts and payment plans!

*Please complete an application for a free consultation with our staff, and to see if you qualify for any promotions or discounts!