The team behind these retreats are highly trained and have reached thousands with their psychological, spiritual, and heart-based teachings and strategies. Throughout the experience, you will learn several systems that can help you to tackle even your toughest issues.


brandilyn tebo

Brandilyn is an acclaimed transformational coach, bestselling author and speaker. Her training consists of Somatic Healing, Authentic Relation Training, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, The Landmark Forum curriculum, Nonviolent Communication, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The Work of Byron Katie, contextual shifts and belief restructuring. Through years of inner work and deep meditation, coach trainings, and the study of eastern and western transformational philosophies, she learned how amazing life can be once you let go of fear, limiting beliefs and false identification with achievements. She has traveled the world to teach empowering workshops in high schools, prisons, Fortune 500 companies and colleges. Today, in addition to coaching The Shift Retreats, she also hosts The Yes Event, a year long incubator for female change makers called Root and Rise, is a columnist for Elephant Journal and coaches clients 1-1 on how to remove internal barriers to following their hearts and be the fullest expression of themselves.


kris van genderEn

Kris is a KRI-Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and meditation instructor who has been practicing for 9 years. She believes her students are powerful, divine beings who have all the answers within themselves; it's just a matter of tapping into that space of stillness. She will guide you through breath work, meditations, kundalini kriya sets, and intention setting. She will help you release any stagnant energy blocks within your body by using your own breath and by strengthening your nervous system. She will lead you through guided meditations and begin rewiring old patterns and unwanted behavior so you can step more into your authentic self. You will walk away with tools that include breath work and meditations and mantras to utilize and begin your own at home practice.


serena laflin

Serena is the outreach coordinator for The Shift. She has over 3 years of outreach experience in the corporate world but decided to leave that all behind to join The Shift Team. She takes immense pride in answering questions and helping to guide potential participants in the right direction, based on which event seems like it would be right for them. Please feel free to complete an application on our website for this free consultation service. She very much looks forward to connecting with each of you!


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