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 The Shift is an empowerment organization that is committed to teaching The transformational tools You need to create the life and relationships that you’ve always wanted, through our multi-faceted courses and retreats. 


what is the shift?

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What is The Shift?


The Shift creates life-changing experiences. To go deep; to get real & raw; to gain clarity on your life’s purpose. A journey of health, connection, community, spirituality, and self-care.

The Shift is an organization dedicated to the empowerment and betterment of participant’s holistic emotional health. Through our signature multi-day retreats and day-long workshops, we work with our clients to process emotional blocks, remove stress, address body image issues, clear uncertainty in relationships, abolish fear over finances, and even eradicate anxiety about major life changes. We perform this deep, powerful inner work at secluded, beautiful homes throughout North America, providing an all-inclusive itinerary to guide our clients through this process gently. The retreats break down radical honesty, self-discovery, mindset shifts, and emotional courage into a series of breakout workshops, small group activities, and life-changing fun and conversation. Clients receive therapeutic group session work, in addition to one-on-one personal coaching strategy sessions to dive even deeper into the foundational work that will be built, collectively, as a group of empowered individuals who are dedicated to their success. Additionally, The Shift provides shorter, more frequent workshops to continue the work done at the retreat and carry it into the daily life of our attendees.

When working with The Shift, your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to remove all internal barriers to following your heart, trusting yourself, making powerful choices, forgiving, connecting to others and pursuing a life that you love.


What We Stand For


from dark to light

The Shift is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for anyone looking to have a simple weekend of travel, affirmations, and fluff. We dig deep into our subconscious to face the dark and seek the light. A retreat with The Shift is a journey from the difficult to the blissfully serene.


the magic of the feminine

The Shift retreats, while not exclusively restricted to female-identifying individuals, honors the unique experience of womanhood. Traits, emotions, and experiences that we’ve been taught to suppress as both men and women are re-framed as majestic, wild, and wonderful.


a return to nature

A retreat with The Shift not only physically takes place within the most majestic and gorgeous natural landscapes, but we ask you to get in touch with your truest, most natural and authentic selves. We remove modern items and modern woes to strip our souls down to the elements.


guidance & community

Brandilyn & Kris are our fearless guides, not our leaders. The experience within The Shift is about connection, trust, vulnerability, and seeing every human soul on the journey as equal. We come as individuals, and we leave as a tribe.


embracing your shadow

Do not run from that which you hide. The work done in The Shift is about identifying the buried shame, hidden demons, and suppressed strengths to find your power. We teach you to embrace every part of yourself and find happiness within your darkness.


an ode to our history

Alternative forms of celebrating womanhood, expressing masculinity, seeking spirituality and connection outside of traditional religion have been demonized and outcast in cultural history. The Shift gives a nod to that history and reclaims it as our own modern power.


What You'll Leave With

  • See new, never before seen possibilities for your future

  • Get lasting freedom from negative thoughts, shame and judgement

  • Overcome indecision and uncertainty and make powerful choices

  • Release insecurity and become more confident

  • Create an inspiring action plan for fulfilling on your dreams

  • Get clarity about your life purpose

  • See long lasting issues in a different light

  • Have massive breakthroughs in your romantic, familial, friend and work relationships

  • Create more abundance, fun and freedom in life

  • Learn to actually love your body and your self


What People Are Saying

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